Encephalitis at 20 Years

September 28th, 1996…I awoke feeling a bit ill, just as the night before. Not a serious illness, but flu like symptoms, a stomach ache and just over all sickness. I remember lying on the coach and watching a Notre Dame football game. I remember getting up to take a hot shower thinking that the warm jets might help me feel just a bit better. That is all I remember….

On September 28th, my sister was having her sweet 16th birthday party at our house. It was to be a grand affair, certainly the social event of the season….and I wasn’t there. My parents found me passed out naked on my bed and I was rushed to the emergency room. There I lay unconscious (in a coma?) for nearly a week. I slowly awoke a week later, but really it took me months to fully wake up. Sometimes I think I never fully did.

My diagnosis: Viral Mengeo-Encephalitis. A virus had breached the blood brain barrier and caused swelling in my brain. I missed over a month of school and then slowly reintegrated myself into normal life.  But things were never normal after that.

There are 20 years of things to fill in here, but for those stories you’ll have to wait for the book.

Back then there was hardly any internet. It took me 10 years to find people online with similar experiences. Eventually I did. So a big Thank you to Encephalitis Society and Encephalitis Global!

I have had to deal with the after effects of this illness for 20 years and will have to for the rest of my life. I am the same person, just a little more sensitive and extreme version. The roller coaster  seems never ending: depression, mania, insomnia,  concentration problems, brain fog…the list goes on and on.

But I have also had some experiences and adventures that probably would not have happened otherwise – 3 months backpacking through Europe when I was 19, studied philosophy, more world travel, Duke University, Northwestern Law, 100 mile ultra marathons and more….So now through exercise, yoga, meditation and over all healthy living I try to manage my sensitive injured brain. And with the loving support of family and friends I live a wonderful life.  So, Salud!

Live with Gratitude and Humility (also Horror and a little Weirdness for flavor)


Zachary H


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The Conventions

Saved here for posterity: My posts on the two conventions.

The Conventions 2016


DNC Day 1: Just when we thought it was safe after the RNC we have Putin and wikileaks and a Wasserman-Schulz resignation. Dios Santo.

May we live in interesting times. Here we go again…

FLOTUS was amazing and moving, Bernie was effective in supporting Hillary, Booker was great and Warren solid. Impressive first day.

FLOTUS was amazing and moving, Bernie was effective in supporting Hillary, Booker was great and Warren solid. Impressive first day. Not much craziness save a handful of disruptive chants from Berners.

Such a huge contrast in tone: RNC = fear and anger, DNC = unity and working toward the future.

DNC Day 2: After the initial chaos of yesterday the party seems to have come together and Bernie moved to nominate HIllary.

Today is BLM day followed by Bill Clinton. Any surprises in store?

After a generally quiet day at the DNC that ended with strong personal speech from Bill Clinton, this is what we wake up to?

Trump couldn’t stand not being the focus of the news for the last two days so decides to go on another insane rant during a press conference. He certainly knows how to stay in the news.

Did anyone notice that his campaign declared that they would not be releasing his tax returns? That should be the focus here.

I’m turning of the news and taking a nap so I can get some work done before the prime time speeches. Apocalypse Level = 9.

Zachary Huselid Amazing that the Dems have yet to hammer him on the fact that his bankruptcies have led him to to seek funding from the Russians!

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Zachary Huselid Couple that with his recent comments on weaking NATO and recognizing Russian Crimea? Do you see where this is going?

DNC Day 4: How will Hillary follow the strength of the convention and the Obama’s speeches?

Barak Obama gave a stirring tour de force of a final speech with scathing attacks on trumpism and everyone seems to want Michelle to run for office. Hillary is not nearly as strong a speaker…

Wow, then an incredible moment from the parents of a fallen Muslim soldier. “”Have you ever read the United States Constitution? I will be glad to let you read mine.” – Khizr Khan, “You have never sacraficed anything!”

The Dems have gone Republican!

Oh wow, Morgan Freeman is narrating Hillary’s video? Election is over, God is one her side.


I do not belong to either party and frankly I detest the two party system. However, after the primaries and after watching these two weeks of conventions the situation is crystal clear. These two candidates present two vastly different versions of America: fear and anger versus unity and progress. So, for the next three months I Am With Her!!!! Hillary2016!


Oh wow, now Scott Baio is speaking and then followed by Rick Perry? This‪#‎RNC is already a train wreck that I just can’t look away from. “Lets make America America again?”

Then Antonio Sabato Jr??????

Freddy Mercury does not approve. ‪#‎RNC

Melania’s speech plagiarized? The theater of the absurd continues‪#‎RNCinCLE

Melania’s speech, the Pence pick, the Pence-Trump logo, Trump using Queen, mf’in Scott Baio! This all just in the last few days. I need a break.

This all has to be some huge false flag operation, right?

Is there any way Day 2 will be anywhere close to as crazy as the first day?

Trump did start the day by completely denying plagiarism and trying to blame Hillary! That’s a huge mistake which only gives the story more legs. Of course that’s par for Trump’s course and the more we talk about this the more we ignore what really is going on.

Remember lost in all this talk of her speech is the substance of the first day: the fear, the anger, the divisiveness, the race issues. “Make America Safe Again” – what does that really mean?

So here we go….

It is important to remember that Paul Ryan does not support Trump, but the Republican Party.

Day 2: I don’t trust a word Jr says, but he is much better at this than his father. Tiffany was pretty good too, particularly considering her age.

One thing must remember as Trump constantly uses his family to campaign: he did not raise his children and none of his family can say anything personal about him.

Sweet, now we get to end the night with the cure for insomnia.

Zachary Huselid Oh wow, now Carson went on about Lucifer controlling the country!!!

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Zachary Huselid And now finishing with a soap opera star? These people dont know when to stop!

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Zachary Huselid And then they end their “Make America Work Again” without talking about work or jobs.

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Zachary Huselid Whether Trump wins or loses, Paul Ryan is still the future of the party.

Who the hell is this jackass? If youre the VP nominee who no one knows shouldnt you say something informational?

The one day I miss an hour.

Day 3: So Cruz did not endorse Trump and gets booed (as did McConnell), neither did Ryan.

Pence’s speech seemed like a canned generic right wing republican. Was he scared to show who he really is?

This is hardly even the Republican Party. Just another day at the shit show.

To wit: The speaker of the house does not endorse, the Senate majority leader gets booed, the second strongest candidate and a Senator does not endorse and gets booed – Plus the last two nominees and the last two Presidents arent even there. The Republican Party!

The Speaker of the House does not endorse, the Senate majority leader gets booed, the second strongest candidate and a Senator does not endorse and gets booed – Plus the last two nominees and the last two Presidents aren’t even there. The Republican Party!

This is just embarrassing.

Day 4: This is the low point in recent American History.

Makes me wish we had a real fascist to fight.


Conclusion: President Hillary Clinton

Conclusion:  The biggest Political Cluster Fuck Ever!!

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Great Minds

These quotes appeared immediately next to each other on my twitter feed:



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100 Years of Solitude

After three years I finally finished 100 years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It was one of those books that I picked up and put down many times. I have enjoyed several other books by Marquez, but I guess I kept getting confused by sooo many Buendias! It turns out that I just had to spend time in Colombia to finally understand it. Then a couple of weeks ago I booked my next trip to Bogota and picked it up again. Inspired, the final 200 pages flew by in blur! Now I feel a little sad that it is over. Truly great literature!


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Tweet of the Day


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Nietzsche Quote of the Day

In heaven, all the most interesting people are missing.

– Friedrich Wilhelm #Nietzsche

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Developer Proposes Adapted Rio Salado Plan


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