World Cup 2018 – Russia

Finally it is here!!!….World Cup 2018 – Russia

I’m heading to Eastern Europe for the 2018 World Cup – Russia and then touring around to catch a couple of Pearl Jam shows.

New York – Istanbul – Moscow – St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad – Berlin – Prague – Krakow – Aushwitz – Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest – Moscow


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Happy 50th Birthday HAL!

Today marks the 50th Birthday of the greatest movie ever made: 2001 A Space Odyssey.

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The Ship of Theseus versus The Clones

The goal is not to create a copy of yourself, that’s just creating another being. No, the idea is to slowly, and continuously over time, regenerate and/or replace every constituent part of your body including your neurons. It is the Ship of Theseus problem not the Clone problem.

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Nietzsche Quote of the Day


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Western States 100 Race Report

 “I Will Finish”

2014 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run Race Report

The shot gun blast cut the cold pre-dawn air and the 363 runners were off. The first three miles climb straight up the Squaw Valley ski slopes right under the chair lift. In those three miles we would be climbing approximately 3,000 feet up and over the top of the Squaw Valley Ski Mountain. The crowd took off in a holler and a cloud of dust, but quickly formed a single file line going up the mountain. The fastest at the front actually ran while most of us did a power hike.

My legs were already burning climbing that steep slope and the lack of oxygen at barely 9,000 left my lungs screaming and my head dizzy. But soon I was approaching the final vertical were you ac.tually had to get on all fours and climb – in the snow! Luckily the California drought and a heat wave left little snow that year.

Once at the top I took a moment to turn around and take in the majestic beauty of the sun coming up over the Sierras and casting shadows on the foggy surface of Lake Tahoe, just stunning. But I couldn’t stay long. I had climbed the first mountain, but had 97 miles to go. It was June 27th, 2014, the day before my mother’s birthday, and I was running the legendary Western States 100 mile Endurance Run.

The Westerns States 100 is the oldest and most prestigious 100 mile trail run in the world. It started the sport of ultrarunning. Originally a horse race, one year (1974) one of the race horses showed up to the lame. So the owner, Gordy Ansleigh, decided to attempt the race on foot. And ultrarunning was born. The race attracts one of the strongest fields comprised of some of the top elite ultra-runners in the world. It is famous for the variety of terrain and climates. Starting at Squaw Valley and traversing mountains and canyons in the middle of the California summer. A total of 18,000 climb and 23,000 drop, from snow to 100+ degree canyons.

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Encephalitis at 20 Years

September 28th, 1996…I awoke feeling a bit ill, just as the night before. Not a serious illness, but flu like symptoms, a stomach ache and just over all sickness. I remember lying on the coach and watching a Notre Dame football game. I remember getting up to take a hot shower thinking that the warm jets might help me feel just a bit better. That is all I remember….

On September 28th, my sister was having her sweet 16th birthday party at our house. It was to be a grand affair, certainly the social event of the season….and I wasn’t there. My parents found me passed out naked on my bed and I was rushed to the emergency room. There I lay unconscious (in a coma?) for nearly a week. I slowly awoke a week later, but really it took me months to fully wake up. Sometimes I think I never fully did.

My diagnosis: Viral Mengeo-Encephalitis. A virus had breached the blood brain barrier and caused swelling in my brain. I missed over a month of school and then slowly reintegrated myself into normal life.  But things were never normal after that.

There are 20 years of things to fill in here, but for those stories you’ll have to wait for the book.

Back then there was hardly any internet. It took me 10 years to find people online with similar experiences. Eventually I did. So a big Thank you to Encephalitis Society and Encephalitis Global!

I have had to deal with the after effects of this illness for 20 years and will have to for the rest of my life. I am the same person, just a little more sensitive and extreme version. The roller coaster  seems never ending: depression, mania, insomnia,  concentration problems, brain fog…the list goes on and on.

But I have also had some experiences and adventures that probably would not have happened otherwise – 3 months backpacking through Europe when I was 19, studied philosophy, more world travel, Duke University, Northwestern Law, 100 mile ultra marathons and more….So now through exercise, yoga, meditation and over all healthy living I try to manage my sensitive injured brain. And with the loving support of family and friends I live a wonderful life.  So, Salud!

Live with Gratitude and Humility (also Horror and a little Weirdness for flavor)


Zachary H


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