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Congress is Smart, Frugal

Reflecting the bountiful harvest that was 2008, Congress has given themselves a raise. To be fair, they didn’t vote to give themselves a raise; the raise was automatic.  Years ago Congress approved a bill that gave them an automatic raise … Continue reading

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The Real Jobless Numbers

As our economy continues its nose dive into a depression, and is only being saved by the fact that the rest of the world is worse off then we are, we got another piece of bad news last week, new … Continue reading

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The Bouncing Universe

Over at the Zhattva Zone they have a post about the hot new theory in cosmology, something called Loop Quantum Gravity.  The result of this theory is a constantly collapsing and expanding universe!

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President Bush Attacked by a Flying Shoe

Our reigning President shows  his quick reflexes and reminds us why he will be so missed next year.  Shoe Terrorists still remain a threat!

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2009 is looking fine!

Nouriel Roubini is one economist everyone should be listening to, listen and make your own judgments of course. He is a professor of econ at NYU and is known as Dr. Doom and predicted the credit crisis many months ago, … Continue reading

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The Uncrackables

James Poulos over at Culture11 takes a look at the lessons learned in Iraq in relation to our dealings with Pakistan: “Soberminded assessments of the whole concept and execution of the war in Iraq stand to offer policymakers and politicians … Continue reading

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The Auto Failout

This about sums it up:

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Nevermind the men with guns

The army will activate 20,000 troops inside the US. With the economy tanking, banks failing, and the auto industry on the verge of total collapse, its heartening to know that the pentagon is poised to activate an full brigade for … Continue reading

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