Obama’s Impossible Task

Coming on the heels of yesterday’s massive layoffs – thats over 76.000 in one day! – and that fact that Obama has been in office all of one week, it seems appropriaate to try take an even handed look at the possibilities for his first 100 days (and perhaps beyond).  Certainly last week’s inauguration sparked all kinds of outpourings of emotions and triumphant feelings for a large number of Americans.  In fact, even many conservatives are hoping that Obama can live up to even a modicum of that large HOPE he projected and people bought during the campaign, but at this point what is realistic?

The economy is still tanking and shows no sign of iminent recovery.  The DOW even plunged over 3% on the very day of his inauguration.  One worry is that all of the inspiring rehetoric in favor of the new administration and the rejoice and the abdication of President Cheney will in the end of the negative impact that often follows over exhunberance and unrealistic expectations.

For now, Obama and his staff is faced with the task of bringing the White House into the 21st century.  As it turns out, the last administration was not working at peak technological levels.  With so many challenges, lets hope Obama can at least met some of the challenges facing the coutnry.  Yet, we all must face the reality that there is a long arduous rode ahead.

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