The Singularity University

Google has tag-teamed with NASA to great the new Singularity University to be headed by Ray Kurzweil.  He is a leading futurist and the author of several bookins on the singularity, such as The Singularity is Near.  So what exactly is this singularity?  Well to vastly simplify things, it is the point at which technology advances at so fast a right that the human mind is no longer able to keep up.  Following Moore’s law (that computer processing power doubles ever 18 months), eventually computer power will be increasing at an exponential rate.  And thus you have the singularity.


Different versions of the theory include computer-human hybrids or a total computer take over.  It sounds completely sci-fi, but it is worth looking into.  Check out Kurzweil’s site for more information.  Also, the wikipedia article.  More to come on this topic.


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3 Responses to The Singularity University

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  2. SEV says:

    what will this Singularity University be doing

  3. Zachary H says:

    Other than studying and creating theory, perhaps they will work towards creating the singularity!

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