The 2009 Budget.

Well it’s party time again on Capitol Hill.   Obama’s 2009 budget proposal has been revealed.

The conservatives are in full blown political battle positions and the bunker has been reinforced with 21st century poly-carbonite blast proof doors.  Point being, it’s politics as usual even with a mind bending $1.75 trillion dollar deficit.  That’s for one year people!

The $1.75 trillion budget deficit forecast for this year reflects shortfalls accumulated under Bush as well as new spending proposals under the $787 billion economic stimulus package Obama signed earlier this month.


At this point everyone knows that there’s a hard road ahead and there is no easy answer.  Our whole economic system is broken.  When did this start?  The roaring 80’s?  The booming 50’s?  The implementaiton of the fiat money system in 1913?  Intesting to disect, but the real point is will we learn our lesson and create a sustainable economy, a sustainable environment, and a sustainable earth?

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1 Response to The 2009 Budget.

  1. SEV says:

    People have stopped spending out of their ass
    they are moving back into the reality mode
    that is what is needed first

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