Is Revolution Coming to America?

Probably not, but don’t tell that to Occupy.

On September 17, an estimated 1,000 protesters descended on Wall Street. The protest was called by the Candian group Adbusters and supported by the hacker group Anonymous. They are Occupy and they are legion.

While it is hard to tell exactly what they are protesting (take your pick: war, recession, unemployment, corporatocracy, Rick Perry, etc.) they are a determined bunch and proclaim that they will not leave until their demands are met. Of course, one problem is the fact that the group has yet to make a clear unified set of demands. They claim to have “one demand”, but don’t seem quite sure what that demand is or will be. However, it probably has something to do with those banks at whose doorsteps they are sleeping.

This nascent movement seems to have been inspired by the Arab Spring and the European Summer. Much like the protests abroad, Occupy is using the internet, facebook, and twitter to organize in their hope of igniting an American Autumn.

The goal of Occupy is to incite a nation wide movement to occupy major city centers across the country. And don’t look now but it may be working. Already Occupy groups have sprung up in Portland, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. A group has already begun to gather in Chicago.

After experiencing years of the Great Recession, rampant unemployment, declining opportunity, growing wealth and income disparities, and ongoing wars abroad, will this movement be the one that catalyzes the American underclass? Stat tuned.



Twitter: #OccupyWallst  #OccupyTogether  #OccupyPhoenix

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