Women are the Greatest Mystery in the Universe agrees Birthday boy Stephen Hawking!

Stephen Hawking is one of the most preeminent physicists of modern times and author of the most popular, but not read or understood books of all time: A Brief History of Time. In it he discusses topics such as black holes, event horizons, and imaginary time. Imaginary time? What the hell is that? He must be smoking something strong.

Now he has finally admitted something most men have suspected since the dawn of time, the greatest mystery in the universe is….Women. Of course! Even if you think you have one figured out, you still can’t understand her. Well played, Dr Hawking. Well played.

What is just as impressive as his work in astrophysics and popularizing science has been his ability to live and flourish with Lou Gerhig’s disease to the age of 70! Happy Birthday Dr. Hawking, you are an inspiration.

Stephen Hawking: Women are ‘a complete mystery’ says Quantum physicist | Mail Online.


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