The Pacific Crest Trail 50

I’m heading west. I’m heading towards California and the Laguna Mountains, just an hour drive east of San Diego for the Pacific Crest Trail 50 mile ultra-marathon. It will be my first 50 mile ultra-marathon.

Not only is it a trail race, but it also climbs a mountain, Mount Laguna. The first 12 miles climb 3000 feet up the mountain and the race is mostly run at altitude above 5000 feet. I plan on walking as much as I can!  Here is the route: At least it is an out and back so the final 12 miles will be downhill.

I’m excited and nervous, the trail is said to be one of the prettiest around and runs entirely along the Pacific Crest Trail – the west’s equivalent of the Appalachian Trail.

I’m also proud to be using this race to support the scholarship program of the Karen Elizabeth Huselid Foundation. The program provides college scholarships to talented students that have overcome challenges in achieving their goals. You can donate here: The Karen Elizabeth Huselid Foundation.

Lets Get It On!

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I'm an attorney, writer, entrepreneur, and adventure
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