Oscar Preview Part 2 – Meryl Streep Division

Best Actress

Amazingly, Meryl Streep is not nominated this year. Good thing, because had she been nominated I would’ve had to go all Daniel Day Lewis on this category. Phew. But we do appear to have two Meryl Streeps in Training

Jessica Chastain continues her campaign to be in every movie released in a single year. After debuting on the screen in the under appreciated Jolene in 2008, she didn’t really appear in anything until 2011. Now she is everywhere. Talk about a storm. She shines in The Killing of Osama bin Laden at twelve thirty in the morning. Her turn as “Maya” is so focused and consuming that you truly believe the member of Seal Team Six when he mentions that his confidence stems from her confidence. She even manages to overcome the movies main weakness: the lack of any secondary focus. Her singular focus is that strong. As she says, “I have done nothing else.” Five stars. Nevertheless, I still will not go see Mama.

I’m pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence gave a stirring performance in Silver Linings Playbook, a movie I thoroughly enjoyed. But what I was most impressed with was her breasts. I know I shouldn’t devolve into such misogynistic behavior, but in my defense I was forced to sit through The Hunger Games. Acting wise she is fantastic and really pulls off the wounded widow, particularly when you consider the role was written for a much older women. She even makes the dancing scenes tolerable, yes because of her acting! Mrs. Lawrence (trying to earn back her respect) should be a darling of the Academy for years.

Naomi Watts actually makes that three Meryl Streeps in training. The Impossible is the only nominated movie that I did not see this year. That does not mean that I don’t think it is important to focus on the plight of a wealthy caucasian family vacationing in SE Asia during a terrible natural disaster that killed hundreds of thousands of SE Asians. Let’s move on.

That girl with the unpronounceable name should win in the category of best voice over by a six year old. Lets just all band together to make sure she has the same career trajectory as fellow Oscar nominee (and winner) Anna Paquin.

The old woman plays a very convincing old woman. And she just may win, because the Academy is made up of old people.

My Pick: Jennifer Lawrence’s breasts

Oscar: Jessica Chastain

Stay tuned for Part 3

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