Oscar Preview Part 4 – Best Picture

Best Picture

I know, I’m as pissed as you are that the best picture is going to go to Matt Damon’s friend. But, damn it, it was the best damn film of the year. I know. We all hate the world, but that bastard did it. Did you know he already had an Oscar. What world are we living in?

Everybody knows that the best picture and best director usually goes to the same movie, but since the two best directors were not nominated this one is kinda up in the air. The industry and academy’s darling Spielberg was the front runner even before Lincoln came out. But then everyone figured out that was a procedural about getting the a constitutional amendment passed.

Silver Linnings Playbook is an excellent movie, but the sudden turn to a happy ending was abit to predictable for me.

Lincoln is better called The 13th Amendment. It is a procedural legislalstural

Argo was the best overall picture released this year, plus it focuses on a storyline that has Hollywood producers rescuing hostages in Iran. Of course Hollywood producers are wanting to circle jerk over their own heroism. Case Closed.

My Pick: Argo

Oscar: Argo

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