Pi Day Roundup: Einstein’s birthday, PanSTARRS, and The God Particle


First off, you’re telling me that Albert Einstein was born on Pi day? Is the universe trying to tell us something? Quick, I must go read the end of Carl Sagan’s Contact again.

What a great time to be a nerd! It’s Pi Day 3.14 – Of course this brings up the question of why do we write the month before the day? How about escalating time periods? We don’t put minutes in front of hours, do we? Of course not, that would make no sense! And don’t get me started on the metric system…backwards Americans!

There is also the matter of PanSTARRS – what a great name for a comet. This is an excellent boon for amateur astronomers as the comet is not visible to the naked eye and thus takes great effort to find with binoculars and even more with a telescope. On Tuesday night it was much easier to locate as the comet appeared just a few degrees to the south of the crescent moon. PanSTARRS is still out there waiting to be found. Grab those binoculars and trace the moon’s path west to just above the horizon and keep looking!


Finally and most importantly: CERN confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson. The God particle. This is the subatomic particle that gives mass to the universe. Yes, this confirms it. The universe is trying to tell us something.


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