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1 Month!

1 month to til Western States! My knee is getting stronger and my gear just arrived! #BrooksGuy #ProjectWS100 #WSER #BrooksRunning #NoNotSponsored 😦 #RunHappy

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A Scary Moment on the Mountain!

A scary moment from last Sunday’s 30 mile run/hike up to 4 Peaks:Shortly after my turn around point on a relatively smooth flat trail section with just a bit of down hill, my left foot struck the ground at an … Continue reading

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4 Peaks Part 2

After 5 and a half hours going from Roosevelt to Four Peaks and back, I finally topped 100 miles for a week. First time this year. That makes tomorrow a day off (of running), first one in 10 days! I’m … Continue reading

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Saturn is in Opposition!

Saturn is in opposition in this weekend. This means it is the best time of the year to see the ringed beauty. Grab your telescope and head for the hills!

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Maniac May!

With just under 2 months until the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, I am starting to feel the pressure, the pressure to not fail, the pressure to succeed, but mostly the pressure to get the miles in! I’m shooting … Continue reading

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4 Peaks!

What a great morning! Sunrise on Four Peaks, a little Jeeping, and 4+ hours of trail running. Now the Derby, 3 NBA game 7s and then off to the all night Sinister Trail run!!! #AravaipaRunning #ProjectWS100 #WSER

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