A Scary Moment on the Mountain!

A scary moment from last Sunday’s 30 mile run/hike up to 4 Peaks:Shortly after my turn around point on a relatively smooth flat trail section with just a bit of down hill, my left foot struck the ground at an awkward angle and something went wrong. I felt a strong wrench in my left knee and out my peripheral vision caught site of my knee buckle several degrees to the center. I stopped short, but didn’t take a tumble. “Shit!” was my first thought as I had felt this before. Immediately thoughts of my teen years flooded back and the first time my knee went out.

I was fifteen and taking part in a pre-season basketball work out after a football practice. I was hustling back on defense and a older bigger senior was driving on me. My left knee gave out and I went tumbling to the ground not knowing what happened. This started a two year stretch where my left knee was reconstructed, followed a year later by my right knee, shortly thereafter appendicitis, then to top it all off encephalitis. This last illness leaving me with permanent issues with depression, anxiety, insomnia, attention and stress issues just to name a few.

It was all these memories and experiences that came rushing back that day on the mountain. But, there I was and there was only one way down. I calmed down and started walking. I hiked very carefully those last 14 miles and even managed to run a few. In the next few days there was some pain and and swelling and a lot of emotional upheaval. So, for now I need to rest (while still trying to get some exercise in) and hope for the best. It feels ok now, but running downhill on jagged and rocky mountain trails is a scary proposition on a weakened knee. Trying to reach 300 miles for May most likely will not happen. I just hope rest and ice will help heal me fast enough to get back on the mountain in time for the race. #ProjectWS100 #WSER

About Zachary H

I'm an attorney, writer, entrepreneur, and adventure
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