2016 Academy Awards

Follow Up: Looks like I was pretty accurate. I have to admit I did not see Spotlight coming on so strong. Excellent movie, but all prediction markets were wrong.

My 2016 Amademy Award picks:

Category                          My Favorite                                                   My Prediction

Best Picture                    1. The Revenant  2. The Big Short          The Revenant

Best Director                  1. Miller  2. Inarritu                                     Inarritu

Best Actor                       1. DiCaprio 2. Cranston                              DiCaprio

Best Actress                   1. Larson  2. Blanchett                                Larson

Supporting Actor          1. Bale  2. Hardy                                           Stallone

Supporting Actress      1. Vikander  2. Mara                                    Vikander

Screenplay                      1. Ex Machina  2. Compton                       Straigh Outta Compton

Adapeted Screenplay   1. The Big Short  2. The Martian             The Big Short



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