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The Recession Is Over. Really?

“Technically the recession may be over.” – Ben Bernake (emphasis added).  Oh really Mr Fed?  It sure aint for working people, particularly in California – 12.2%.  And Remember these numbers are only for people receiving benefits so add a couple … Continue reading

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Welcome to a Brave New Web!

Meet Markus Frind and, the new entrepreneurial poster boy.  A few years ago he built a no frills dating website by himself and now the site gets more page views then  He did it all by keeping it … Continue reading

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Dr. Doom Strikes Again!

Over at Noriel Roubini, kindly nicknamed Dr. Doom for his tendancy to make pessimistic (but often accurate) economic forecasts, predicts that it is only going to get worse before it gets better: Unfortunately, the worst is ahead of us. … Continue reading

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Explaining the Credit Crisis

Here is an explanation of the credit crisis that we can all understand (sort of).  Its a cartoon and a bit long, but its worth it: Link

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We Drag the World Down with US!

The economic crisis is not only affecting the US, but the entire world.  In fact, much of the world is in worse shape than us.  This situation reminds me of a little anecdote: Two campers are walking through the forest … Continue reading

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