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Congress is Smart, Frugal

Reflecting the bountiful harvest that was 2008, Congress has given themselves a raise. To be fair, they didn’t vote to give themselves a raise; the raise was automatic.  Years ago Congress approved a bill that gave them an automatic raise … Continue reading

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President Bush Attacked by a Flying Shoe

Our reigning President shows  his quick reflexes and reminds us why he will be so missed next year.  Shoe Terrorists still remain a threat!

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2009 is looking fine!

Nouriel Roubini is one economist everyone should be listening to, listen and make your own judgments of course. He is a professor of econ at NYU and is known as Dr. Doom and predicted the credit crisis many months ago, … Continue reading

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The Uncrackables

James Poulos over at Culture11 takes a look at the lessons learned in Iraq in relation to our dealings with Pakistan: “Soberminded assessments of the whole concept and execution of the war in Iraq stand to offer policymakers and politicians … Continue reading

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