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Oscar Preview Part 2 – Meryl Streep Division

Best Actress Amazingly, Meryl Streep is not nominated this year. Good thing, because had she been nominated I would’ve had to go all Daniel Day Lewis on this category. Phew. But we do appear to have two Meryl Streeps in … Continue reading

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The Sports Guy on performance enhancing drugs.

We ask these athlete to train to a level of fitness beyond obsessive and absurdity, but then become disgusted when they use performance enhancing drugs. What is a performance enhancing drug? Whey protein? Adderall? HGH? Testosterone? Bionic robot legs? Should … Continue reading

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Breaking the Seal

Overheard as I began my evening run: “Bridal shops have various sizes of pillows to approximate the size your fetus (will be on your wedding day).”  Certainly this is the seventh and final sign of the coming apocalypse.  In fact, … Continue reading

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