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Women are the Greatest Mystery in the Universe agrees Birthday boy Stephen Hawking!

Stephen Hawking is one of the most preeminent physicists of modern times and author of the most popular, but not read or understood books of all time: A Brief History of Time. In it he discusses topics such as black holes, … Continue reading

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Dark Matter Found?

Well not found exactly, but possibly identified.  If true, this is one of the most important discoveries of this young century and will go along way solving the the inflation/contraction mystery. “European researchers observe for the first time a transformation … Continue reading

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Reality Doesn’t Exist: Physicists, Mystics, and Bill Hicks!

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The Bouncing Universe

Over at the Zhattva Zone they have a post about the hot new theory in cosmology, something called Loop Quantum Gravity.  The result of this theory is a constantly collapsing and expanding universe!

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