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I just want to run!

And now a severe strain/tear of my left adductors and just coming off of a patella subluxasion and hamstring sprain earlier this year. So frustrating. #couchbound #summerishell

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4 Peaks Part 2

After 5 and a half hours going from Roosevelt to Four Peaks and back, I finally topped 100 miles for a week. First time this year. That makes tomorrow a day off (of running), first one in 10 days! I’m … Continue reading

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Winning the Western States Lottery!

Here is a brief video of my ticket being pulled to win the lottery. Yes, this was done raffle style with actual tickets! Unfortunately I cannot seem to embed the short clip of name being called, so here is a … Continue reading

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The San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run – Preparation

This Saturday I will be taking on my biggest endurance challenge thus far: The San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run. As with the Pacific Crest Trail 50 last year I am doing this, in part, to support the Karen Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Announcing The Explore Arizona Trail(s) Project

In order to prepare for my 100 miler in June I am initiating the Explore Arizona Trail(s) Project. Each Saturday I will pick a trail in a different area of Arizona to explore. Many of the trails will be a … Continue reading

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Running With The Bulls

Pain, anguish, blisters, and diarrhea are some of the things you prepare for when running a marathon. One thing you’d never expect is to be chased by herd of stampeding cattle. But this is exactly what happened to me at … Continue reading

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