Maniac May!

With just under 2 months until the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, I am starting to feel the pressure, the pressure to not fail, the pressure to succeed, but mostly the pressure to get the miles in! I’m shooting for 300 miles this month. I’m putting it out there and holding to it. May is going to be one busy month. Maniac May!

Also, I am taking this opportunity to raise some donations for the KEH Foundation and Encephalitis Society. All donations to the KEH foundation go 100% to charitable purposes. Donations shall be used to fund the KEH High School Scholarships and the Adopt-a-Student program providing school supplies and other necessities to K-6 students at Sunshine Acres in Mesa, the San Carlos Apache Reservation, and the Peruvian Andes village of Alto Cayma. #ProjectWS100 #WSER #ManiacMay

Please visit the KEH Foundation to Donate.


About Zachary H

I'm an attorney, writer, entrepreneur, and adventure
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