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Oscar Preview Part 4 – Best Picture

Best Picture I know, I’m as pissed as you are that the best picture is going to go to Matt Damon’s friend. But, damn it, it was the best damn film of the year. I know. We all hate the … Continue reading

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Oscar Preview Part 3

Best Director I’ll come right out and say it, my pick goes to Matt Damon’s Friend for Argo. Wait, whats that you tell me? Matt Damon’s Friend wasn’t even nominated? Argo fuck yourself. Then I’ll have to go with Kathryn … Continue reading

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Oscar Preview Part 2 – Meryl Streep Division

Best Actress Amazingly, Meryl Streep is not nominated this year. Good thing, because had she been nominated I would’ve had to go all Daniel Day Lewis on this category. Phew. But we do appear to have two Meryl Streeps in … Continue reading

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Oscar Preview and Introducing the Daniel Day Lewis Award

My Academy Awards Preview and Introducing the Semi-Annual Daniel Day Lewis Award for the best performance by a Daniel Day Lewis. Best Actor Since it his inherently unfair for mere mortals to compete in this category with Daniel Day Lewis, … Continue reading

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Announcing The Explore Arizona Trail(s) Project

In order to prepare for my 100 miler in June I am initiating the Explore Arizona Trail(s) Project. Each Saturday I will pick a trail in a different area of Arizona to explore. Many of the trails will be a … Continue reading

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The Sports Guy on performance enhancing drugs.

We ask these athlete to train to a level of fitness beyond obsessive and absurdity, but then become disgusted when they use performance enhancing drugs. What is a performance enhancing drug? Whey protein? Adderall? HGH? Testosterone? Bionic robot legs? Should … Continue reading

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